Low hanging fruit

noun [ U or plural ] informal
UK /ˌləʊ.hæŋ.ɪŋ ˈfruːt/ US /ˌloʊ.hæŋ.ɪŋ ˈfruːt/

Something that is easy to obtain, achieve, or take advantage of.

Hi my name is Lars. I live in Copenhagen in Denmark and I’m a lifestyle fanatic. I travel, spend time on learning new stuff and fancy everything aesthetic (and some other things too). I use this website for a bit of everything but it used to be the frontpage of my consultancy company.

You can reach out to me by commenting on this post.

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As with probably most companies in the world I’ve also been working with a 2020 plan. I ended my long term relationship with the financial industry to do something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. To take some time off to recharge my mind and soul and reignite some creativity, and to challenge myself mentally before starting the next chapter in life.

For now I’ve created my own project that I call Surrounded By Ocean and when I’m not busy being an adventurer I’ll spend some time working on this.

Check it out here: surroundedbyocean.com

How Youtube will change everything with Vlogs. Now

I’m a big fan of new technology, especially when it comes to media. And with certain things I even consider myself a first mover. So when Netflix entered Denmark in 2012 I immediately quit all my traditional cable subscriptions. Actually on the exact same day. Half of my reasons was to teach old technology a lesson. Like yeah – that’ll teach them! See how they can manage without me! Obviously my bold move made no impact.
The other half was the high prices and my personal lack of influence.
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Visual proof of why having smartphone optimised websites for smartphones matters

Update: The website is no longer there, but the article is still valid.

6 years ago I created this website mettereissmann.dk. It was going to be part of a political campaign where it’s role was to function both as a business card, and as a media for longer articles that wouldn’t fit well in social medias. The articles should be easy to share to avoid isolation of the content (and to increase awareness and traffic). The campaign was a great success and she won the election.


4 years ago for the national election campaign I adjusted the website slightly to reflect the visual trends of that time, but it was only three weeks ago I optimised that same website again for smartphones. The next national election will most likely be held in the second half of 2015 and the politicians are getting ready to campaign ones again. This time I redid the looks a bit more but most important also made the website responsive so that it fits smartphones and tablets better.
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