How Youtube will change everything with Vlogs. Now

I’m a big fan of new technology, especially when it comes to media. And with certain things I even consider myself a first mover. So when Netflix entered Denmark in 2012 I immediately quit all my traditional cable subscriptions. Actually on the exact same day. Half of my reasons was to teach old technology a lesson. Like yeah – that’ll teach them! See how they can manage without me! Obviously my bold move made no impact.
The other half was the high prices and my personal lack of influence.
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Smule Sing app. That’s awesome!

Smule Sing app let’s you sing duets with popular artists, if they manage to catch the trend that is. When done right it get’s really amazing. A normal smartphone microphone and some crazy karaoke sound effects makes wonders. This is a great new initiative and a really great way to increase awareness for new and already popular artists and I foresee that many alike will surface.

Here’s Jessie J and completely unknown UK teen Thomas Bleasby singing Flashligt. All that creativity out there.. Wow! Check it out!

Snapchat just added money transfers with Snapcash

Snapchat with it’s more than 100 million monthly users, has just entered the money transfer business with their latest addition Snapcash, following the recently launched Apple Pay by Apple. And that’s something that will be interesting to follow. The creditcard as a physical object is now rapidly being replaced by different mobile payment solutions. What happens when Facebook does the same with it’s 1.3 billion users?

In Denmark, where I’m from, a lot of local shops and small businesses where quick to adapt that technology. In fact it took less than 6 months for both businesses and private people to adapt this new way of handling payments through their mobile phones and devices.
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