Visual proof of why having smartphone optimised websites for smartphones matters

6 years ago I created this website It was going to be part of a political campaign where it’s role was to function both as a business card, and as a media for longer articles that wouldn’t fit well in social medias. The articles should be easy to share to avoid isolation of the content (and to increase awareness and traffic). The campaign was a great success and she won the election.


4 years ago for the national election campaign I adjusted the website slightly to reflect the visual trends of that time, but it was only three weeks ago I optimised that same website again for smartphones. The next national election will most likely be held in the second half of 2015 and the politicians are getting ready to campaign ones again. This time I redid the looks a bit more but most important also made the website responsive so that it fits smartphones and tablets better.
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Jim Carrey spoofs McConaughey in hilarious Lincoln commercial

Superstar and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey participated in Lincoln ads (True Detective style) for many reasons unknown. Here’s Jim Carrey imitating the commercials in 3 different versions. And it’s hilarious!

Increase the fun and watch one of the original Lincoln commercials on YouTube starring the actual Matthew McConaughey: Matthew McConaughey and the MKC: “Bull” Official Commercial

And see if you can do it without thinking about that booger!

Trying to create a responsive WordPress theme

This page might look weird to you. You might be looking while I’m editing and it will be broken. I’m actually not using this page. At least not yet. Maybe this could become my everyday blog about bits and pieces and stuff. But as it turns out apparently, I like creating the pages more than filling them with content.

I AM however filling it with content because that’s the only way I can see how it looks like. Imaging how Facebook would look like without any content.

I’m going to use this template in a slightly different design on another website. I’m managing the digital part of a Danish political campaign in my sparetime in order to increase the number of stars on my shoulders. Nah just kidding – it’s because it’s fun and it boosts my own personal brand, my network and my experience. Not kidding about the template and the other website though.