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Smule Sing app. That’s awesome!

Smule Sing app let’s you sing duets with popular artists, if they manage to catch the trend that is. When done right it get’s really amazing. A normal smartphone microphone and some crazy karaoke sound effects makes wonders. This is a great new initiative and a really great way to increase awareness for new and already popular artists and I foresee that many alike will surface.

Here’s Jessie J and completely unknown UK teen Thomas Bleasby singing Flashligt. All that creativity out there.. Wow! Check it out!

Jim Carrey spoofs McConaughey in hilarious Lincoln commercial

Superstar and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey participated in Lincoln ads (True Detective style) for many reasons unknown. Here’s Jim Carrey imitating the commercials in 3 different versions. And it’s hilarious!

Increase the fun and watch one of the original Lincoln commercials on YouTube starring the actual Matthew McConaughey: Matthew McConaughey and the MKC: “Bull” Official Commercial

And see if you can do it without thinking about that booger!